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 Chinese Calligraphy & Painting and Fine Antique Auction 

Auction Time 拍卖时间

October 5th, 2019

6 pm  Eastern Time

Auction & Preview Location 拍卖与预展地点

2805 Bathurst Street, TORONTO, ON M6B 3A4, CANADA

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Chinese Painting, Antique and Fine Art


Featured Lots results 部分拍品成交价:

Lot 34

民国粉彩百花不落地开光山水纹狮耳瓶 篆体大清乾隆年制青花款

Famille Rose Flowers and Landscape Vase Republican 

Sold for $15,000 Canadian Dollars

Lot 57

清代寿山芙蓉石章料 Shoushan Stone Seal Qing Dynasty Period 

Sold for $4,000 Canadian Dollars

Lot 61

民国墨褐彩描金御题诗文鸡缸杯 楷书大清雍正年制青花款 

Ink and Gilt Chicken and Line Cup Republican 

Sold for $1,200 Canadian Dollars

Lot 66

清代柿子釉荸荠瓶 Brown Glaze Bottle Vase Qing Dyansty 

Sold for $3,750 Canadian Dollars

Lot 79

清道光 柠檬黄釉象耳长颈瓶 (配铜底座)Yellow Glaze Bottle Vase Qing Daoguang Period 

Sold for $4,500 Canadian Dollars

Lot 105


Frederick Horsman Varley (1881 - 1969) Watercolor

Sold for $2,000 Canadian Dollars

Lot 151

许乃普 书法七言 《联自有情书增道气,好将诗句答年华》 纸本 设色 立轴 

Xunaipu Chinese Calligraphy 

Sold for $2,000 Canadian Dollars

Lot 158

高剑父 白鹰图 纸本 设色 立 镜心  Gaojianfu Chinese Painting 

Sold for $5,000 Canadian Dollars

Lot 167

伊秉绶 书法七言联《诗到老年唯有辣,书如佳酒不宜甜》 纸本 水墨 立轴 

Yibingshou Chinese Calligraphy 

Sold for $2,000 Canadian Dollars

Lot 175

Luxun Chinese Calligraphy 

鲁迅 书法条幅无题诗《故乡黯黯锁玄云,遥夜迢迢隔上春。岁暮何堪再惆怅,且持卮酒食河豚》 纸本 水墨 镜心

Sold for $2,000 Canadian Dollars

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